All About The Best Mixer Grinder in India

India is the land of spices. Every child in India, are all familiar to those echoing, noise-producing machines kept at the kitchen counter. Be it pakode k saath pudiney ki chutney or the early morning breakfast of idli; Indian kitchen always has the dire need of mixing and grinding. Be it any part in India, there is possibly any such region or place, which do not incorporate the need for mixing and the grinding. From the chutney in the north to the vada batter in the south, the whole of India has a special need and demand for good mixer grinder. Let’s us talk about this basic, yet highly important appliance which is almost omnipresent in all our kitchens- What is a mixer grinder? “A Mixer Grinder is a device with an electric motor base on which a glass or steel jar with stainless steel blades are mounted.” It is usually certain lentils and pulses, be it urad dal or rice for idli and dosas, and mint leaves for chutneys that are put into the jar, most of the times with water, or at the time even with minimum or no water. The lid is then tightened on the jar. The mixer grinder is then switched on, which means switching on the motor to make the blades within the jar to rotate at a high speed. This intense speed, thus, grinds and mixes the content inside the jar, and turns to the required texture. In Indian kitchens, the texture required each time, for different dishes is different. The mixer grinders can also incorporate this detail, deciding by the amount of water added during the process. If more water quantity is present, the texture will that be of a fine paste. If less amount of water is added, it turns it into a fine or coarse powder, as per the requirement. It is not only the amount of water that decides this, but it is also the duration and speed setting chosen while the process. Thus, this wondrous machine can be manipulated each time to deliver an efficient result. Mixer Grinder in India “A Mixer Grinder in India is called by several names like Mixie or Mixie Grinder, Mixers, Indian Blender and so on.” The Indian mixer grinders are considered to be the best mixer grinder in the world. The best mixer grinder in India is possibly the finest in the world! The soul reason being, the design of mixer grinders in India. They are intricately designed to suit rough and tough grinding jobs, which is very much characteristic to Indian kitchens. The best mixer grinder in India is also designed to withstand frequent voltage fluctuations. The mixers are rendered with high wattage as that of 750-Watt mixers, to withstand the vast fluctuations. With the advancements in innovations, the mixer grinders in India comes with new attachments pf juicers, slicers, coconut graters, so on and so forth. Which brand makes the best mixer grinder in India? Today there are many big names of manufacturers when it comes to the mixer grinder. The first mixer grinder in India was developed in the year 1963 by Satya Prakash Mathur, an employee of Siemens India. It is said that he made this, along with 4 of his colleagues, for his wife! He realized that “these foreign mixies did not have the power to handle the spice grinding, dosa grinding and other tough jobs required by Indian housewives.” Thus, this is how Indian mixer grinder came into being. Today there are many mixer grinder brands to choose from which give various specifications. So, it can be a daunting task to decide on the best! How to choose the best mixer grinder in India? The only solution to choose the best mixer grinder in India is to compare the specifications. Look out for the big names in the market, and compare. Simple! The common features that you should keep in mind while going to purchase are namely, speed settings, number of jars provided, power, RPM factor, overload protection, and budget. Do make sure you look for the warranty period offered by the various companies. To ensure you have the best mixer grinder in India in your kitchen counter, do look for the wattage. An optimum of 750 -watt mixer is well-suited to the fluctuating voltage in India. Thus, you must have the proper wattage specification levied on the mixer grinder you choose.