How to Choose The Best Iron For Clothes?

Everybody needs an Iron in our daily household. It helps us to straighten wrinkles on our clothes just before leaving for an outside program or the office. Therefore, we must have a good iron to make the task easier with less effort. As a wide variety of products available in the market, we sometimes get confused about the right product to pick. To make your experience easier, I am here with an informative guide to help you select the best iron. There are two common types of irons available in the market- dry and steam iron. Steam irons have a special feature to apply steam to the clothes while clothing. The best steam irons in India are more efficient in performing these operations. Everything You Need to Know about Steam Irons The steam irons are relatively new in the market. They have a water chamber inside to produce steam. Let’s check the features you must keep in mind while selecting the best product. Naturally, the steam iron is a little heavier compared to a dry iron. But choose one that is not too heavy because it will be difficult to handle. They come along with a small water tub. The steam is produced from the water inside it. Make sure you have an iron that has an easy-to-fill water tank. Some also come with a see-through model that enables you to see the water level while filling the tub. If you have a pile of clothes to press go for a steam iron with a bigger water tank. After that, look for an product that has more steam holes. The more steam holes generate more steam and thus pressing becomes better. Additionally there is s usually a steam shot function that generates more steam. Check if yours have one or not. Among all types of soleplates, Non-stick and stainless-steel soleplates are easier to handle and give better performances. Also, go for a product that has a bigger plate in dimension. Getting a broad surface area helps your job to finish quicker. Power is important for any kind of electrical appliances. So, select an iron with more wattage which is preferable for a steam iron. Therefore, you see, these were the primary features you must check. Also, look at the durability and warranty of your product. Sometimes, people overlook the brand value and customer service. But it is also very important. Things You Must Know About Dry Irons Dry irons are the old traditional appliances that most of us own. To choose the right dry iron, you should consider several factors. If you planning to buy such a product, you must know how to use an iron . When selecting a dry iron you must check for a light-weight product so that you can easily operate it. You can carry a dry iron even if you are traveling. Buy a dry iron that has the temperature settings around its handle. Different types of clothes need different temperature settings otherwise the clothes might get damaged. So, this is one of the most important aspects. Soleplate is the most important part of the iron from where the heat is distributed on the clothes. There are several types of materials for soleplate- aluminium, ceramic, non-stick, and stainless-steel. Non-stick and ceramic are the best materials for a soleplate for dry irons. The wattage rating indicates heating efficiency. The dry irons with more wattage will heat up quicker and better. So, you should buy a product with a high wattage. For such a model, 1000 watts to 2000 watts is the best range. Automatic shut-off is an important feature witch which the iron automatically turns off when reached maximum temperature required. It will help to prevent the clothes from getting damaged. When you are buying an appliance, it must be sturdy enough to provide long life, else there is no use of buying it. therefore, check the durability and material quality before selecting a dry iron. The price is always a big factor when buying any product. Rs.500 to Rs 2000 is an ideal range for buying a dry iron depending on the features. So, always look for the warranty provided by the company you are buying from. Reputed brands like Philips and Morphy Richards provide a reasonable warranty period. Conclusion As I said earlier, I have stated thoroughly the areas that you must look before you buy an iron. In conclusion, I can recommend going for a dry iron, if you have a limited budget. But, if you want to enjoy the benefits of the advanced features, a steam iron can certainly be your best choice.