10 T Shirt Printing Ideas for 2021

Table of Content: 1) Starting Lines. 2) What are the ideas of t shirt printing in 2021? a) Nature Lovers b) Covid-19 hits c) Traveling Lovers d) Strong Statements e) Tarot Cards f) Painting, Cartoons & Flowers g) Social Awareness h) Pets Lover i) Natural Abstract j) Bold & Liberal 3) Final Thoughts. T shirts are the comfiest, most intimate, casual, and comfortable to keep on wearing all day and late-night outs. It has become a trend among people for putting on custom t shirts because they want to express their feelings, thoughts, and spirits by putting different statements, images, and logos on their tees. See More In 2021, people are so particular about t shirts printing with unique ideas that could show their interest in their hobby, angst, calmness, silliness, and other things they want to be recognized for. Printed tees can be worn anytime and anywhere and there is no chance that the person wearing them will get unnoticed. What are the ideas of t shirt printing in 2021? Explore our 10 t shirt printing ideas below to see that how you can give your t shirt a modern twist without compromising on its aesthetics. 1) Nature Lovers: Nature is the art of God and it always wears the color of spirits. With the start of 2021, many people took the resolution of saving nature because the earth is getting warmer with each passing year due to the lack of natural resources like trees. So if you want to express your feelings about nature, you can print some graphics related to nature on your tees. It can take many visual forms, from photorealism to abstraction. You can use images of trees, plants, flowers, waterfalls, along with some quotes about the beauty, and importance of the natural world. 2) Covid-19 Hits: The World is firefighting the Covid-19 pandemic and hopefully, we’ll get rid of it by the end of 2021. This pandemic has given serious impacts on everyone’s lives. You can show some positivity by printing your t shirts with some confident statements that be able to bring a moment of a smile to everyone. It can some sort of image, social message, or instruction notes about covid-19. 3) Traveling Lovers: We are moving ahead, by leaving the covid-19 pandemic behind us, travelers are getting their bags ready to explore the world again. T shirts are the core part of traveling bags as these are easy to carry and make you feel content all the time. If you’re a traveler, you can design your t shirts by adding images of some beautiful sights that you took on your last tour. You can also add some inspirational quotes about traveling and discovering the world. 4) Strong Statements: Add a splash of energy to any text-based design by giving them a potent and strong statement. Being able to stand for something without saying a word has led to an increase in these bold design options. You can add some flawless words that communicate what you want to share with your community. Let your fancy take over and then print it on your t shirt. 5) Tarot Cards: Some people believe in cartomancy and they like to print their t shirts with having incredible designs of tarot cards on them. Apart from beliefs, the tarot cards trend on t shirts is running at its peak, as it looks implausible. You can also add your twist to this iconic design motif. These images will inspire tarot card believers. This can add a symbolic visual representation to your t shirt. 6) Painting, Cartoons & Flowers: T shirts with the design of paintings, cartoons, and flowers have evergreen qualities. Hand-made paintings can be vulnerable addition to your custom t shirts and you can catch the attention of painting lovers as well. Flowers are the symbol of beauty, love, and happiness and these qualities heighten when you add flowers to customize your t shirts. Printing cartoon images is also a trend in 2021, there are no limitations in designing the t shirt with different comics and cartoons. You can add some simple or funny slogans with cartoon images to enhance the beauty of your custom t shirt. 7) Social Awareness: Social Awareness is the easiest source of spreading kindness. Let your t shirts be a part of social awareness by printing instructional quotes, logos, and images on them. These graphics will raise happiness levels by aligning your ideas with your actions. Slogans on social awareness are also an upward trend in 2021. During this hard time of the Covid-19 pandemic, you can also print some precautionary measures of Covid-19 on your t shirts which will remind people to stay safe and healthy. 8) Pet Lovers: You can never go wrong by printing the images of your pets on tees. Idea of designing animal and pet portraits has increased with the increase of animal influencers on social media. It’s a time for those who are in love with their pets to use the images of their pets for customizing t shirts. Work off these photos to create a vectorized illustration that can be easily screen printed and everyone will love this versatile design. 9) Organic Abstract: One more style to boost the charisma of your t shirt is to put organic abstracts on it. it can be in the form of an image or you can add some lines as well. Choose some colorful and attractive strokes and lines that represent what you are trying to convey. Add some colors to make it eye-catching. 10) T shirts with Bold and Liberal Statements: Last but not the least, stand up and allow yourself to be counted with the t shirts having valiant and liberal wordings on them. Freedom lies in being bold so, whatever you want to say just print that on your t shirts and go bold in 2021. Also Read: Men Styling Up Tips In 2021 Conclusion: These are few ideas that you can adapt for printing your t shirts. It is now up to you how you want to create a design on your tees that can make it more sensational, stunning, supreme, and startling.