How do I Wash My Clothes by Hand Rather Than Sending Them to a Laundry Service Near Me

If you have just moved into a new apartment or home then you won’t have a washing machine just yet, deciding on the right furniture and appliances to buy can take time. but what to do if you have daily work to attend to and have laundry piling up. With two options at hand, it can be confusing to choose which, you can either wash your clothes yourself by hand or you can send your dirty clothes to a laundry service in Dubai. It is not necessarily just because of not having access to a washing machine but it can be due to the reason that you don’t want the harsh treatment to your fabric by the machine cycles. Below are steps on how you can wash your clothes yourself at home, without worrying about any quality loss and damage. 1. Choose the right detergent to wash your clothes Use a mild detergent when you are washing delicate fabrics. They can easily be damaged or torn so make sure you are purchasing the right brand, with the right properties. If you are washing lace or silk mild detergent will save its texture and quality, you can also use a no-rinse detergent that doesn’t require you to rinse the fabric after soaking it. But detergents with lanolin are recommended for wool and knitted clothing. 2. Two tubs of water You will need two tubs to laundry your clothing, one with clean water and in the other, you will add the detergent. Make sure the temperature of the water is not too hot nor too cold, the hot water will make the colors bleed and the colder water will not remove the stains. But if your laundry has mixed colors meaning you have some darker colors of clothes to wash and some lighter shades then make sure they are soaked and washed in separate tubs or basins. If you have the fear of your clothes shrinking then use cold water instead. 3. Separate the light colors from the dark After you have decided on the right detergent brand and type, now the next step is moving to the clothing itself. Separate the dark and light color clothing from each other. Start with lighter colors to prevent any color transfer, if you have new white clothes then wash them separately so no dark color dye gets on the lighter shades. Darker shades tend to leave behind their dyes which can easily get on the other light clothing. 4. Wash just like any laundry service would Add and mix detergent to one tub, and dip the dirty clothes in the water completely and move them around so they absorb the detergent. Do this step for 3-4 minutes till the clothes look cleaner. Leaving your clothes in the tub for more than 5 minutes can cause them to shrink. Do not rinse or rub delicate fabrics, only do so with wool or strong fabrics. You can scrub but be very gentle as it can rip the item of clothing. After you have soaked the fabrics in detergent, now rinse them in the other tub with clean water. Soak and remove them till there is no soap left on the clothes. Repeat until the fabric is clean. You can skip this step with the no-rinse detergent option. 5. Drying your clothes After your clothes are clean, now you can try them outself on a drying rack or can give them a spin in the dryer. Open-air drying can air your clothes and are a better option, but it takes more time. For better drying results turn the clothes around after some time to dry the other side directly too.