The Coolest Way to Wear Cotton Sarees

Imagine you are walking to your office premises, or moving out for a friend’s outing, wearing a figure-hugging easy cotton saree that not only embraces you much to the unwillingness of blazing sun but also makes you look delightfully stylish and notable. Is this even possible in the unusual heat of our country you may ask! Of course!!!! Yes, it is. All you need to do to accomplish this desirable design that is drifting on your head right now is by opting for a simple breezy cotton saree and styling it appropriately. Keep in mind the types of cotton sarees available to choose from. It is still amazing to know even today after so many years of modernization and globalization, the India today still celebrates their traditional roots by wearing a traditional attire every now or then occasions. Today in this article we will talk about how to properly wrap around a cotton saree right before occasions. Now before you wear a saree make sure you have plenty of time to revise the matching blouse that you would use along with it. Sari has two best friends, the blouse and the petticoat which on a normal day would be a requirement while wearing a saree. You may go sans the petticoat if the sari is thick and opaque enough, but without a blouse, it is usually not advisable. The thing with a saree is, you don’t have to go for the same blouse color and can experiment with mix and matches. There are many new draping styles which is draped by many celebrities nowadays. I am so impressed and inspired with few styles which is easy GO and can be draped for Office and Parties too. The style which i am sharing today can be draped by all age groups. Here is The Coolest Way to Wear Cotton Sarees Always choose a saree according to your body type. Use a petticoat or skirt which fits firmly. So that the saree tucked in properly. Use Heels before draping a saree to get a proper length This step is recommended for beginners. Minimal Jewelry is preferable as saree itself jewelry. Use pins to hold your PLEATS. When it comes to draping cotton sarees in fashion-forward ways, first you need to cut off all the glittery accessories that will never sit well on this down-to-earth cotton saree. You should also keep your makeup minimal to prevent excessive sweating. Then get a summer-friendly hairstyle to support your look. Not sure if the term show off your navel sounds appropriate? It sounds a little egotistical and gives a perception of me feeling my navel is better than most other women who prefer to not show their skin at all, irrespective of them wearing a saree or any other attire. And finally, choose a basic blouse style to compliment your saree. If all this has been accomplished with perfection, then even on a sweltering heat, you will remain remarkably cool. Can’t trust us? Then check out how Celebrities make a killing with an effortless cotton saree style when they dash back and forth on all occasions. While all actress wears this for travel, this style can be easily incorporated to your formal office wear day or on causal outing day by just skipping those chic coolers. And finally, don’t forget to grab your favorite tote to look dashing! Hope you have got the major inspiration to wear cotton sarees like a pro. For any office party or formal look, always go for the pleated pallu which is a much neater approach. However, for the parties, keep the pallu loose if you are not being upright and formal. Make sure your petticoat is strongly tied around your waist and secured properly. The same goes for the lower pleats which you can add a pin-up to hold in place.