Handcrafted Jewellery Rings – Are They Really Worth It?

Are you searching for a unique, handcrafted piece of art at an affordable price or do you seek a piece that there are millions off? that is the question you need to be asking.

There is some fear around handcrafted jewellery rings, many questions pop up, let us have a look at some of the more common ones. The first is generally price, people assume that just because a product is hand crafted that it will be very expensive compared to similar mass manufactured products. This generally turns not to be the case, especially when you look at the materials being used. Most jewellery is very affordable compared to mass manufactured items. For example, many wooden ring artists use off cuts from mass manufacture plants and lumber yards. This greatly helps them to keep the costs down and make the rings more affordable and comparable in price to similar other items.

Service is another issue that pops up all the time. People think they will not get the same customer service or after care from independent artists compared to major retailers. Again, this is another myth, most quality artists will offer better levels of service and guarantee/warranty on their items. As it is their own work, they normally give better service, as they are invested in the product they are selling you, compared to an employee of a major retailer who has no interest besides getting a pay-check and the end of the week. So do not be afraid to reach out and ask what warranty the artist is offering on their products and about what that warranty will cover. You may be surprised to find it is better than a standard shop bought item.

A common reference I often to refer to is the handcrafted wood ring manufacturer, the final product hand-built to your specifications at a very reasonable cost, with great service and a good warranty, what more would you want in an unique piece of art.

So before you decide to go down the route of a retail outlet, it is worth considering looking at smaller independent places that offer hand created jewellery. If you are looking for a unique ring, glistening with beauty and style then it is worth exploring to what is out there, what the price is and what the service is like. Show you are individual and not a follower by your choice.