Five Cool Ear Piercing Options

If you run with a crowd that is into body art & body jewelry, it would be pretty tough to impress them by saying you got an ear piercing. “Ho-hum,” they might say. You might even hear some droll wit along the lines of, “Really? Did you pair a shirt with some pants along the way?” In the grand scheme of things, an ear piercing is like a foam football — about as safe as it gets. But as anyone who has owned one of these footballs knows, the right conditions will make said ball hard as a rock & a force with which to be reckoned. So, too, has the ear piercing gone through some interesting permutations over the years. We’re all familiar with the traditional ear lobe work we see everywhere. In order to spice it up, jewelry makers have taken to coming up with neat designs to jazz up your average lobe piercing. Still, though, it doesn’t really tantalize the senses. Luckily, piercers the world over have taken the humble ear piercing to new heights. They’ve chosen to see what can be done, with explorations into alternative healing, religious philosophy, and a complete celebration of the physical. Heady stuff, to be sure, but what’s come of these musings have been some of the most intriguing & beautiful ear piercings ever seen. As cool & wild as these ear piercing options have become, at the heart is always a skilled piercer. You want to work with someone who has years of experience, has a slew of happy clients (many of which are repeat customers), and that she/he works in an environment that promotes cleanliness & sanitation. You also want to work with a piercer who wants to educate prospective clients about the art of piercing & thoroughly enjoys the work. So, if you’ve been thinking about making your ears a happening place with some nifty new bling, here are five piercing options worth looking into: Auricle: Of all the ear piercings noted here, this is perhaps the first ‘alternative’ work that people became aware of. It’s a piercing that is on the cartilage about halfway up the ear from the lobe. A small stud gives of a subtle but cute look. Helix: Similar in some respects to an auricle piercing, the helix piercing focuses on the outer cartilage, specifically the upper cartilage of the ear. Variations are aplenty, and the amount of jewelry one can use seems only inhibited by the amount of available space. Conch: This piercing starts delving into the inner cartilage of the ear, focusing on the middle of the ear. Popularity abounds with this piercing as it tends to have a wide array of personalization & customization. Still, based on the location, it’s one you gotta be ready for. Industrial: This is a very noticeable piercing where a barbell goes through piercings in the ear’s cartilage. The result (though it can vary) shows the top third of the ear being run through. It’s not for the faint of heart, but it certainly makes a bold statement. Daith: Here’s one of the more thought-provoking ear piercings available. It focuses on the small fold of cartilage in the middle of the ear. Based on your anatomy, it may not be a piercing that’s easy or possible to get. It also holds a distinction as being a way to treat migraine headaches. Though no scientific proof supports this, there are a lot of folks out there who swear by it. There are some out there who might find ear piercings like these to be over the top & unnecessary. But trends in body jewelry have taken piercing in a very unique direction. Not only are piercing studios offering more piercing options than ever before, but the facilities themselves are tailored to give clients an ‘experience’. In terms of ear piercings, bolder clients have taken to putting together multiple piercings per ear with the goal of curating the ultimate body art exhibit. In other words, an ear piercing is not as ‘ho-hum’ as once thought.